The league has no control or authority over the playing conditions of the fields at MLK--the city is in complete control.  During wet conditions, the city will usually update the rain out line by 3pm on weekdays and 8am on weekends--you can call 817-462-8441 and choose option 6.  You can also sign up for free texting where you will be alerted to field closures as soon as we are notified by the city--you can sign up for this service (it is free to members) on the web site.




 Upcoming Games 
CP1- Bulls vs CP1- Beasts
CR- Kings vs CR- Raiders
Sr- Knights vs Sr- Stars
Tee Ball- Bats vs Tee Ball- Bolts

 Upcoming Events 
ASWLL/Church on Rush Creek Easter Egg Hunt
MLK Sports Center

Sat, 04/19
8:40 AM
Movie Night - Lorax
MLK Sports Center

Fri, 04/25
7:00 PM - TBD
Movie Night - Frankenweenie
MLK Sports Center

Fri, 05/02
7:00 PM - TBD