I want to thank you all again for volunteering to help the league as a First Responder.
By now all of you should have completed your volunteer applications and have submitted your photo for your badges.  If you have not received your badges, they should be available for pick up tomorrow night or Saturday Morning.


The league has received 3 AED's and has ordered 3 emergency kits including bag masks that should be arriving very soon.  The AED's and emergency kits will be placed at the following locations...

1.  The concession stand

2.  The Green Fields

3.  The Red Fields


As for the protocol while we are at the field.  I want to keep things simple so here is how we will work things for now and we can make adjustments as the season progresses and we see any need for changes. 


1.  When you arrive at the field for your time slot, please report to the concession stand and obtain a radio to carry with you during your time slot.  In the case of an emergency a "Code Purple" and the location of the emergency will be called out over the radio.  Our job will be to immediately attend to the individual in distress and stay with them until emergency responders arrive on the scene.  The BMOD (board member on duty)  will call 911 and obtain the closest AED and first responder kit upon hearing the code over the radio.


2. At the end of your time slot please return the radio to the concession stand for the next responder to  take over.


Pretty simple plan, as I don't see any reason to make it complicated.  However,  suggestions to make the system better are welcome and appreciated.


I am looking forward to meeting and working with all of you as the season progresses.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions, concerns or suggestions.

Codi Van Duzee





 Upcoming Games 
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50/70- Bulls vs 50/70- Lions
HA- Rattlers vs HA- Warriors

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