ASWLL First Responders


Beginning Fall 2014, we have new procedures for responding to medical situations. Most of the incidents that occur are non-emergency injuries that only require ice and/or Band-Aids. However, some situations require trained emergency personnel. Our league continues to identify parents that are certified to attend to emergency medical situations. If you would like to be identified as one of these volunteers, please complete the volunteer registration application as a First Responder.


For NON-emergency situations:

   Red First Aid bags will be at the scoring tables on Red 1, Blue 1 and Green 1 fields, but are to be shared with Red 2, Blue 2, and Green 2.

   Any parent, grandparent, or coach can attend to the injury; a First Responder is NOT needed.

   If ice is needed:

- On Blue fields go to the concession stand to ask for injury ice.

- On Red or Green fields get ice from the concession cart if it is there, otherwise the home plate umpire will radio for ice.


For EMERGENCYsituations only (broken bones, sprains, head injuries, etc.):

   The home plate umpire will use their radio to ask for a First Responder:

- State the field and location (ex. "Red 2, home dugout)

- State what type of injury has occurred.

- State if an AED may be needed

The First Responder will attend to the injury

Note: if paramedics are needed, the Board Member on Duty (BMOD) will call 911.



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