The volunteer umpire has always been a big part of Little League baseball.  At ASWLL, it is a program like no other.  If you have the desire to become an umpire; we have the need.  ASWLL will provide the equipment, training and mentoring....all I ask of you is your time and commitment.

Volunteering takes time...I get it.  I manage a minors team and umpire. Most ASWLL umpires fill other roles at the park as well.  You set your own schedule and what level you would like to work.  If you are a baseball junkie like the rest of us, you will be there for several games each week.

None of us were born as umpires; we were all trained in one way or another.  Some of us learned the skill in leagues where being an umpire was a challenge.  At ASWLL, umpires are appreciated and respected mainly because we are well trained, we have a professional appearance, and we respect the game. ASWLL will give you as much training and mentoring that you need, on and off the field.  We won't assign you a game that you're not ready to call and you will be paired with a veteran umpire as your experience grows.  You can transition from base umpire to plate umpire by mid-season depending on your commitment level. You decide.

Please consider becoming part of a tremendous group. Contact me with any questions.

David Weihrich


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